D-BAT Little Rock has 3 state-of-the-art pitching machines!!!

All machines throw REAL baseballs & softballs!!

Pitching Machine Speeds range from:

70mph, 60mph, 50mph, 40mph

60mph, 50mph, 40mph, Slow Pitch (just the right speed)



How many pitches do I get with each credit?

Each credit is good for 13-15 pitches.

Do I have to rent the pitching machines AND buy tokens?

Our pitching machines cannot be rented by the hour. Rather, cage rentals apply to the tunnels without pitching machines, which would be utilized if you were to come in with a team or coach to throw batting practice to you. To hit on our pitching machines, you are only required to buy tokens. All of our cages operate on a first-come, first-served basis, and if there are multiple hitters at each machine then we'd ask you to rotate after each round.

Will my tokens expire if I don't use them all in one visit?

Tokens do not expire. So, as long as you hold onto your token card, you will be able to come back and use the remaining credits on your next visits.

Does each machine pitch softballs and baseballs?

All three of our machines can throw either softballs or baseballs. Simply select which you would like to hit on your round and then select the pitch speed. Your round will begin in about 10-20 seconds (once the wheels are turning fast enough).

What type of baseballs and softballs do you use?

We use real baseballs (which have a Kevlar coating to prevent the cover of the ball from ripping as easily as a standard leather-coated ball) and real softballs (12" Pro-Nine brand).

What is the distance from your pitching machines to home plate?

Our baseball and softball pitching machines are each set up 45.5' from home plate (which means that our 70MPH setting is roughly the equivalent of reacting to a 81MPH fastball from 52 feet 6 inches [full mound to plate distance of 60'6" allowing 8' for the pitcher's forward release point]).


Cage Rentals are a great way to work your kid out individually or bring in a team in for batting practice. Cage Rentals are rented out on 1/2 hr. increments. Each cage comes equipped with Baseballs/Softballs, "L-Screen", and a batting tee.